Sundays are for dreaming

Iceland - watching the aurora and the Milky Way was incredible!

I love Sundays. After a week of working on the business of photography, I allow myself the time to dream about future photography projects that I'll begin to work towards. Some are personal projects, which are so important to the creativity of a photographer - and some are business projects - and some meet halfway, combining business and personal. These are always my favourite, when I can capture landscapes and nature in a way that is also financially rewarding.

Capturing whiskey on an Icelandic beach
Today, I'm dreaming about a project I've dreamt of for a few years -  icebergs. Since travelling to Iceland a few years ago to photograph seascapes on a black volcanic sandy beach for a commercial project, I've had a dream of returning to the region to photograph portraits of icebergs. Weird, wonderful and melting.
I love their shapes and deep colours, and I feel it would be an incredible book to display these beautiful, otherworldly objects of nature that most people will never see.
small iceberg drifting out to sea - Iceland
After the dreaming comes the practical, and the finance to make this a reality. The connections are the key to any project getting off the ground - a company or individual who also knows the value of dreaming big - and then a journey becomes a reality - and that becomes an adventure that leads to places new and exciting...

 sunrise over a black, volcanic beach in Iceland


Sunday's are for dreaming...