Photo Trails: 55 Presets for Capture One, by Chris Orange. Digital download

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55 Capture One presets to enhance your portraits, travel, lifestyle and landscape photographs. Designed by Chris Orange. These are the presets used by Chris on a daily basis for his latest projects.

Originally designed to emulate a selection of film stocks and retro colours grades, these beautiful presets will help to bring a dramatic atmosphere to your photographs.

Each preset is designed for one-click edits for photographs that are correctly exposed. If the photograph is underexposed or overexposed, you're able to make adjustments in the basic adjustment toolbar to edit your photograph to the correct exposure.

Presets are designed to work with RAW files in Capture One.

Presets will work with Mac or Windows applications and requires Capture One software.

After purchase, a download link to be sent to your email address. 

How to import into Capture One:

Once you've unzipped the download file, open Capture One and go to Adjustments -> Styles -> Import Styles and select the Photo Trails folder from your downloads folder or another destination.

Select the presets and click open. The presets will be in your custom styles menu.

Unfortunately, due to the preset pack being a digital download, we do not accept any returns. 

All the photographs below were processed using the Photo Trails presets.