PRE-ORDER NEW - Journeys. Small Hardback book

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Journeys is the brand new photography collection from Chris Orange. To celebrate the last 10 years of landscape photography adventures, Chris has put this collection of 30 unique photographs in a beautiful hardback book. 

Printed on premium lustre photo paper in an exquisite 7x7 inches hardback book, which makes it a perfect book to have next to your bed to enjoy each image in this smaller size.

We live in a world where we consume so many images each day through social media, that we become desensitised to the images before us as we swipe through them. However, Journeys, captured with both film and digital cameras, returns the joy of looking through photography as an art once again.

Journeys is open for pre-orders now worldwide for early February 2024 delivery. 

Size: 7 x 7 inches